Garmin Introduces GTC 580 Touchscreen Controller

From Garmin's latest offerings comes the GTC 580, a new touchscreen controller option for the G2000, G3000 and G5000 integrated flight decks. The high-resolution landscape display adds standby flight display capabilities while using the same GTC 570 interface that provides full flight deck management control, such as flight planning, radio and audio management, and weather systems control.

The GTC 580's SFD offers flight attitude information, airspeed, barometric altitude and heading information. The screen comes in a 5.8-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) and 1280 x 768 resolution. It also boasts an infrared touchscreen making it faster and more responsive and can even be used with gloves.

In conjunction with GTC 580's launch, Cirrus Aircraft announced the Cirrus Perspective Touch by Garmin for their Vision SF50 Jet. Specifically designed for the new personal jet, the touchscreen-based flight deck features three of the GTC 580 touchscreen controllers under the PFD and MFD.

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