KI 300 Solid-State ADI from BendixKing

Replacement attitude indicator will solve replacement headaches for many owners.

For owners of legacy airplanes with older electromechanical attitude indicators, the need to repair or replace one of these units can be an expensive and uncertain proposition, one that sometimes sadly only resets the clock for a while before more repairs are needed. On Monday at AirVenture in Oshkosh, BendixKing announced it was closing in on certification of a product, the KI 300, designed to provide a reliable long-term solution to such attitude direction indicator woes.

The KI 300, which comes in three distinct versions, is a standard-sized solid-state gyro-based attitude display with a bright LED screen that replaces the company’s existing mechanical legacy KI 254, 255, 256 and KG 258 and 259 attitude indicators, providing a more reliable, durable and accurate ADI solution compared with older mechanical units.

The new ADI also includes integrated battery backup in case of the loss of aircraft power. The KI 300 will be able to serve as the attitude source for a number of BendixKing autopilots, including most of the KAP and KFC models. The new ADI is designed to be a direct replacement for easy installation.

The KI 300 will typically sell for $5,995, when used as a KI 256 or KG 258 replacement, or $4,995 when used as a replacement ADI only. The yaw damper function brings the price up to $7,995. BendixKing expects the KI 300 to be available late this year.

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