Garmin’s GLO Combines GPS with Russian Glonass Capability

Garmin GLO

Garmin has unveiled a new portable Bluetooth satnav receiver for iPads and Android tablets that ingeniously combines a regular GPS receiver and a Russian Glonass receiver into a single wireless unit that is more accurate and can find itself more quickly than products that use GPS alone.

The new receiver, called GLO, wirelessly connects to iPads and Android devices via its Bluetooth link. The unit updates its position 10 times per second, far faster than most internal GPS receivers can. GLO can operate for 12 hours on its internal batteries or receive power through an adaptor.

The unit's retail price is $99, or it can be purchased for $129 with an "aviation package" that includes a cockpit mount, power cable and a six-month subscription to the Garmin Pilot flight planning and navigation app. Sales are scheduled to start next month. Look for a flight report on the product here soon.


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