Garmin Introduces Lower-Priced ADS-B Gear

Garmin is using the stage at the Flying Aviation Expo in Palm Springs, California, to provide additional details about its latest ADS-B product, designed to meet the FAA's 2020 equipment mandate for ADS-B Out while also displaying free weather and traffic wirelessly on iPads and other tablets.

The newly announced GDL 84 system includes a built-in WAAS GPS receiver and optional Flight Stream Bluetooth wireless gateway, enabling traffic and weather information to be displayed on the Garmin Pilot app.

Priced at $3,995, the unit is being positioned as a less costly and easier to install ADS-B solution than some other options. The only panel modification required is an annunciator indicating ADS-B status, Garmin says. A patented self-interrogation feature allows the GDL 84 to synchronize squawk codes with a wide range of general aviation transponders, eliminating the need to install an additional control panel and keep squawk codes in sync.

Traffic and weather information are transmitted wirelessly via the Flight Stream 110 or 210 to pilots' tablets. The Flight Stream 210, which adds back-up attitude information, costs $450. The GDL 84 does not offer interface to avionics displays, but Garmin says buyers can upgrade the unit to display traffic and weather on select Garmin avionics, such as the GTN 650/750, GNS 430W/530W, G500/G600 and others, for an extra $1,995.

The GDL 84 is expected to receive an AML STC and hit the market in next year's first quarter.

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