Avidyne Software Addresses Emergency AD

Avidyne says it is developing revised software to address an Emergency Airworthiness Directive issued by the FAA this week warning pilots of incorrect course indications on some GPS approaches when flying with certain Avidyne avionics.

The AD, which is effective upon receipt, requires owners and operators to incorporate an operational limitation in airplane flight manual prohibiting flying a full procedure (non vector-to-final) GPS approach, with a course change at the final approach fix; or flying a GPS approach with a direct-to or with an omni-bearing selector leg to the final approach fix.

The issue, identified recently by an Avidyne customer, affects the IFD540 touchscreen GPS/navcom and R9 integrated avionics systems.

R9 systems have been flying with the affected software since 2009, but it wasn't until very recently that the behavior of the system was noted in flight.

In a statement Avidyne said its engineers have determined the issue is with the software code. A fix for the issue is has being included in Release 10.1 software, expected to be available next month.

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