Avidyne Introduces MLB100 ADS-B ‘In’ Unit

Avidyne introduced an ADS-B In datalink receiver designed to display traffic and weather information on the avionics maker's IFD540 and IFD440 touchscreen navigators as well as EX600, EX500 and EX5000 multifunction displays.

The MLB100 receiver presents FIS-B weather information, including Nexrad radar and TFRs, through a free service provided by the FAA over ADS-B's 978 MHz frequency. The unit also receives traffic information from nearby 978-MHz-equipped aircraft, and indirectly through the rebroadcast of 1090-MHz-equipped aircraft via 978-MHz ADS-R. Traffic information from aircraft not participating in ADS-B is received from ground stations via 978-MHz TIS-B transmissions.

The MLB100 unit does not comply with the FAA's 2020 ADS-B Out equipment mandate. Avidyne instead offers the panel-mount AXP340 Mode S Transponder with 1090-MHz Extended Squitter for ADS-B Out capability, allowing customers to satisfy the mandate.

Full reception of ADS-B In traffic information through the MLB100, Avidyne notes, requires an ADS-B-compliant Mode S ADS-B Out Transponder and approved GPS position source (such as the AXP340 IFD540 or IFD440).

The MLB100 datalink receiver will sell for retail price of $2,495. Avidyne says it expects the unit to start shipping early next year.

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