Aviation Expo Swings into Full Gear in Palm Springs

Cessna is one of the many manufacturers displaying planes this weekend in sunny Palm Springs. Pia Bergqvist

Day two of Flying Aviation Expo in Palm Springs, California, is off to a great start, with lots to do and see at the show. Today's lineup features talks by NTSB member Earl Wheener, noted aviation educator Rod Machado and George Bye, creator of the all-electric Sun Flyer. Tonight at 6:30, Expo attendees will enjoy live music poolside at the Palm Springs Hilton.

Tomorrow kicks off with a pancake breakfast at 8 a.m. featuring airshow stars Chuck Aaron, Sammy Mason, Judy Phelps and Tim Just. John and Martha King will give the keynote talk, and later in the day John and Rod will face off in a live debate to give their personal takes on the new Airmen Certification Standards. Aviation Expo wraps up Saturday night with a party at the Palm Springs Air Museum featuring live music.

If you're thinking about flying in, there's convenient aircraft parking right at the show site.

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