Don Stephens and his Cessna 182

Can one man's love affair with flying safely lead him from a Skylane to the jet lane? Richard Collins evaluates one pilot's flying.
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Flight Level Aviation

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Ed Graham and his Rentals

Richard Collins puts the spotlight on a young pilot?s flying profile and sheds some light on the areas of strength and risk.
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Adam A500: First Flight

First flight impressions of an exciting new tandem twin
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GPS 10 Years Later

Many of the predictions were wrong, but the system is working for most of us.
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The Newest Fighters

In this post Cold War age, it might not have been politically correct, but Dick Collins sure enjoyed bagging himself a bunch of ...
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Dick Collins’ Big Airport Checklist

What you should know before you take off or land in a busy airport.
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Flying the Garmin GNS 530

Reflections on an avionics revolution.
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