An Aviation Executive is Trying to Level The Playing Field

A-WING wants to educate young women about all of the opportunities in aviation.
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Flying a Thrill Handed Down From Mother to Daughter, Eventually

This child of a private pilot was in the right place at the right time to make a change.
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An Early Love of Aviation Leads to a Love of Instructing

Niki Gaskins didn’t think she had it in her to be a CFI. She took the plunge, and found her calling.
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This Aviation Student Has Been Exploring All Her Life

Sonja Karner already has a diverse resume, and hopes to become one of a very rare breed.
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Women in Aviation: Meet Karen the Docent

Karen March turned her love of aviation into quite an experience at the EAA Aviation Museum.
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Women in Aviation: Aspiring Instructor Deaf and ‘Born to Fly’

Deneese Krumm is overcoming unique challenges to become one of only a few in her chosen field.
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Women In Aviation: How’d I Get Here?

New columnist Ellen Voie shares how she got involved in aviation -- and what’s next.
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‘Learn to Fly Here’

My journey to becoming a pilot took my own direct route.
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