APS Announces New UPRT Standard

Standard integrates proven training, experience, human factors and awareness components.

Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), announced at the 2019 NBAA Convention in Las Vegas that it has created a new first-of-its-kind training standard to advance the industry’s approach to overcoming Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), aviation’s number one fatal threat to air safety.

The new standard will be known as the Every Pilot in Control Solution Standard, or EPIC-S2. The first of its kind, EPIC-S2 is a comprehensive training standard which incorporates and gives specificity to the six critical upset prevention and recovery training(UPRT) implementation factors essential to solving LOC-I. Those are deficiencies in airplane state awareness (ASA), single-pilot resource management (SRM), crew resource management (CRM), threat and error management (TEM) and aircraft performance, as well as inappropriate pilot response in developing upset events that perpetuate LOC-I as the most lethal threat to the traveling public by air.

Paul BJ Ransbury, CEO of APS said, “Consensus among industry stakeholders continues to reinforce the critical role of UPRT in the aviation system and operational safety.” EPIC-S2 integrates proven training, experience, human factor and awareness components that mitigate these deficiencies. Incorporating these components bolsters pilot resilience, proficiency and cognitive discipline in a wide spectrum of manual flight operations and airplane upset conditions, providing a framework to maximize the ability of UPRT to save lives.

APS said beyond high-level UPRT guidance and practically-vague regulatory frameworks that miss crucial and fundamental mitigating features of effective UPRT, EPIC-S2 bridges the gap between just getting it done and getting it done right. Robust UPRT adhering to the six critical UPRT implementation factors instills in pilots the skills necessary to overcome LOC-I and significantly improve manual handling skills and airmanship.


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