ANA Soon to Launch Star Wars C-3PO Boeing 777

ANA’s Boeing 777-20 with C-3PO livery is set to enter service in March, completing its Star Wars-themed fleet. All Nippon Airlines

Japanese travelers will soon have another Star Wars-themed airliner to fly on as Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airlines (ANA), is about to launch a Boeing 777-200 painted to represent C-3PO – the humanoid robot character that made its debut in the very first Star Wars movie released in the late 1970s.

The C-3PO airplane is expected to enter into service beginning on March 21 and will take travelers to domestic destinations such as Tokyo, Kagoshima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Osaka and Sapporo. Passengers will enjoy specially designed boarding certificates, headrest covers and paper cups, and will be served by flight attendants dressed with aprons unique to the airplane with the C-3PO livery.

Photos: ANA's Star Wars Fleet All Nippon Airlines

The 777 is the fourth and last in ANA’s Star Wars-themed fleet. Other Star Wars character liveries include BB-8, also a Boeing 777, and R2-D2, a 787 Dreamliner.

There is also a Boeing 767 with a combination Star Wars paint scheme.

Having signed a five-year agreement with the Walt Disney Company, ANA is the first and only airline featuring Star Wars characters on its themed jets. ANA is the largest airline in Japan by revenue and passenger numbers, and it has a fleet of around 250 airplanes.

Watch a video featuring the full fleet below.

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