Watch FLYING’s Editor-in-Chief Fly to Lunch in the New 2022 G6 SR

A perfect day with great people ends with speed and a good meal.
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A Slick SR’s More than Just Good Looks

We cruise to lunch in the new 2022 SR G6 from Cirrus Aircraft, and pick up speed along the way.
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We Fly: Cirrus Vision Jet G2+

Hot and high and connected.
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We Fly: Piper M600/SLS Halo

FLYING tries out a well-coupled turboprop wrapped in the latest safety enhancements.
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We Fly: Beechcraft King Air 360

Autothrottles forward on this muscular turboprop
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Pipistrel’s Panthera Looks to Move From Experimental to Certification With Style

Come along as we take this fast, sleek retract piston single through its paces.
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Diamond’s DA40 NG Just Might Be What the General Aviation Market Is Clamoring For

This diesel-powered gem has undergone so many design enhancements and improvements it should be called 'Diamond DA40 NG 2.0.'
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We Fly: Cirrus SR22T 8000

Cirrus Aircraft marks a milestone in its piston fleet.
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Blackhawk Aerospace’s King Air 350 Fulfills the Need for Speed

How valuable are these mods to King Airs and other turboprops?
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We Fly: RV-14A Full Performance

Building and flying Van’s Aircraft’s broadest expression
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