King Air 250 Gets FAA Nod

King Air 250

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation has earned FAA approval for the latest iteration of its popular turboprop twin, the King Air 250. FAA approval came after an extensive development program for a series of mods that make the 250 the fastest and most capable 200-series model yet. ** **

The airplane, featured in a Flying 2011 cover story, includes BLR winglets, a Raisbeck developed ram air recovery system, optional Max-Viz EVS enhanced vision system, Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics suite and brand new Hartzell composite props. The performance payoff is remarkable. Among other gains, the takeoff distance of the 250 at max takeoff weight over a 50 foot obstacle is 2,111 feet from sea level airports, 400 feet shorter than it predecessor, the B200GT. And its hot and high performance is equally impressive. From a field at 5,000 feet elevation at 25 degrees C, the 250 can clear that same obstacle in just 3,094 feet, a 700-foot improvement over the 200GT.


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