First Piaggio Avanti Evo Enters Service

Piaggio Aerospace Avanti Evo

The first Piaggio Avanti Evo is flying with its new owner four months after the twin pusher turboprop received its type certification.

Piaggio Aerospace delivered the airplane to an unnamed Greek customer that plans to use it for charter. Five more Avanti Evos are due for deliveries before then end of the year to customers in the United States, Asia and Europe.

The Avanti Evo is an upgrade of the Avanti II featuring a better appointed and quieter interior, enhanced avionics and increased performance thanks to new winglets, redesigned engine nacelles, a reshaped front wing and Hartzell five-bladed composite scimitar propellers.

The $7.4 million Evo can carry up to seven passengers, has a maximum cruise speed of just over 400 knots and can fly IFR 1,770 nm with an increased-range option.

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