Epic E1000 Certification Expected Next Year

Schedule slips by a few months.

Epic Aircraft announced Sunday that the production schedule for its E1000 single-engine turboprop has been extended into next year. Originally the airplane was projected to go on sale late this year.

“We are solidly on track for certification by the first half of 2016, with initial deliveries and production ramp to follow,” said Epic CEO Doug King.

Despite the delays the E1000 is moving toward production, with structural testing is in progress and the first prototype slated to fly by the end of August.

After investing heavily in production tooling, systems and factory infrastructure, Epic is now building conforming parts for its inventory to enable its production line, which will eventually yield one aircraft per week. King says that Epic will ramp up production to accommodate the increasing interest from customers, as evidenced by its growing reservation list.

According to King, the $2.5 million aircraft will deliver “jet-class performance at turboprop prices.”

Check out our feature where we flew Epic’s LT last year.


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