Daher Delivers 100th TBM 900

100th TBM 900 Daher

Daher delivered the 100th TBM 900 20 months after the latest version of the hugely successful single-engine turboprop model entered service. The TBM 900 is an upgraded version of the TBM 850, which itself is a refresh of the first-generation TBM 700.

Daher developed the $3.8 million TBM 900 over three years at its base in Tarbes, in southwest France. It incorporates 26 modifications to boost efficiency, performance and comfort. These include winglets, a vertical tailfin strake and a new tail cone, a five-blade composite propeller from Hartzell and redesigned spinner, a revamped electrical system and a restyled cockpit.

As of 30 November, the global TBM fleet stood at 760 aircraft, said Daher, which had accumulated over 1.3 million flight hours.

Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president for Daher's airplane business unit, said the handover shows the popularity of speedy turboprop. "The delivery confirms that our TBM 900 not only is the fastest single turboprop, but also the fastest-selling TBM ever — as the program was officially unveiled in March 2014."


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