Cessna Grand Caravan EX: First on Floats

The Grand Caravan EX is the first Grand Caravan brawny enough to go on amphibious floats. Previous float-equipped Caravans were the short-bodied 208A models. Why did it take almost 20 years to get a Grand on floats? Easy: power, or rather, the lack thereof. The Grand is not only longer but heavier than the 208A, so the floats have to be bigger with more flotation. This required more power than the 675 shp of the previous-generation Grand.

With the EX, however, there is enough power to make floats not only doable but very desirable. Longtime Cessna partner and float maker Wipaire designed its new 8750 floats with the EX in mind. The amphibious floats come with a number of safety features and work with the G1000 system. The cost of the amphibious float package is not for the faint of heart. Installed, they run more than $450,000. What you get, however, is arguably the baddest single-engine amphib on the planet, with room for 10 and direct beachside delivery available to them all.


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