Van’s Introduces Two-Seat RV-14

Van’s Aircraft RV-14

Van's Aircraft surprised Oshkosh attendees by bringing a fully finished RV-14 to AirVenture 2012 and parking it at the company's show booth. The long-rumored homebuilt model features side-by-side seating for two and a top speed of 205 mph in a package that Van's says has been designed both for aerobatic fun and long-distance cruising.

The dimensions of the RV-14 are larger than other Van’s two seaters, with a wide cabin and big bubble canopy that should provide great visibility in all directions and provide plenty of room for taller pilots. The RV-14 also has the longer wing of the RV-10, which allows it to land slower than an RV-7 yet cruise at the same speed.

Power in the airplane Van’s brought to the show is supplied by a four-cylinder Lycoming IO-390 producing 210 horsepower and connected to a Hartzell two-blade constant speed propeller. A 4-into-1 exhaust system makes the RV-14 quieter than other Van’s kitbuilt airplanes, especially in the cockpit, the company says.

Van’s hopes to start selling RV-14 wing kits in September for a price of around $9,000. Tail kits will be offered next, followed by the remainder of the airplane. Price for a completed RV-14 will fall somewhere between a two-seat RV-9 and four-seat RV-10, Van’s says.

As for performance, the RV-14 will cruise at 193 mph at its max gross weight of 2,050 pounds. Empty weight is listed as 1,240 pounds, stall speed is 56 mph, takeoff and landing distance are slightly more than 500 feet at lighter weights, max rate of climb is 1,800 fpm and range at 55 percent power is 958 nm.


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