New Cirrus SR22s Introduced for 2014

At AOPA Summit Cirrus Aircraft introduced its new lineup of Generation 5 SR22s. While there aren't any game changing upgrades, the company has followed course by giving new customers a number of quality of life improvements. For our money, the biggest improvement comes with the introduction of new brakes. The lighter and cooler-running brakes by Beringer are smaller while allowing tubeless tires to be used, a much sought after improvement. While the new brakes won't eliminate the need for pilots to be careful on long taxis on very hot days, they will mitigate the risk.

Another new, highly visible feature are LED lights in every conceivable place. The lighting enhancements include ground illumination for walkaround, tail surface illumination, anti-collision lights, nav lights, additional landing light illumination to supplement existing lights, and "accent" lighting to make a cool looking airplane even more so. To make good on this improved visibility, Cirrus has upgraded its aesthetics packages, adding to its high-performance sports car styling with new colorful and sleek designs.

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