Five-Seat Diamond DA-62 Twin Revealed

** Diamond DA-62**

Diamond Aircraft has drawn back the veil of secrecy surrounding its latest project, releasing the first artist renderings, photos and a few select details of the new five-seat DA-62 twin.

Under development at Diamond's home base in Austria, the DA-62 is similar in appearance to the DA-52 prototype that first flew in 2012, although the tweaked new model is shown as having a third window toward the rear of the cabin and a slightly redesigned horizontal stabilizer.

It is believed power in the DA-62 could come from the new six-cylinder, 280 horsepower AE500 diesel engine under development at subsidiary Austro Engine, or the AE300 originally planned for the DA-52. Diamond hasn't revealed expected performance for the carbon composite DA-62, but a cruise speed of better than 200 knots is certain to be a key design parameter for the new model, which would be sold alongside the four-seat DA-42 light twin. A DA-52, apparently, will not be offered. (Or, perhaps more accurately, the DA-52 is now being called the DA-62.)

As far as a development timeline, Diamond is being coy for now, saying on its website only that the DA-62 is "coming soon."

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