Emirates Selects Cirrus SR22 for Pilot Training

Emirates Flight Training Academy, the flight training organization operated by Dubai-based airline Emirates, has selected the Cirrus SR22 for its primary training aircraft fleet, the companies announced at this week's Dubai Airshow. Cirrus will supply 22 airplanes for the training program at Al Maktoum International-Dubai World Central Airport in support of the Emirates' National Cadet Pilot Programme.

"Our partnership with Emirates represents a real step forward for the worldwide flight training and airline industry," stated Todd Simmons, Cirrus Aircraft's President of Customer Experience. "Emirates, just as it has done successfully for the past 30 years, is looking to the future by building a turnkey program that will lead the industry for many years to come."

The Cirrus fleet of SR22s selected by Emirates will come equipped with the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin cockpit with electronic stability protection system similar to the envelope protection systems Emirates has on its air transport fleet. Cirrus standard safety equipment, such as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) and composite structures, are also included.

"The Cirrus SR22 is the ideal training platform for the Emirates Flight Training Academy," said David Moser, Cirrus Aircraft's Vice President of Fleet and Special Mission Aircraft. "Emirates is creating a dedicated flight training center that showcases the industry's most advanced approach to pilot training in a fully integrated facility. Cirrus speaks to the demands of this program through the innovation, advanced technology and avionics that are found in the SR22."

Emirates will begin taking delivery of the Cirrus fleet in 2017, with all aircraft expected to be delivered by the end of 2018. The National Cadet Pilot Programme will have the capacity to train up to 400 students simultaneously.


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