Continental UL Engine Certified

Continental IO-360-AF

Continental's new IO-360-AF "alternative fuel" engine has received type certification from the FAA, making it the first six-cylinder piston aircraft engine approved to run on standard 100LL avgas or unleaded 91UL gasoline. The first application will be in the Flight Design C4 carbon four seater.

Continental says the IO-360-AF family offers a maximum power output of 195 horsepower at 2,800 RPM and has a 2,200 hour time between overhaul (TBO). Flight Design in Germany will receive its first engine for testing this spring. In the C4 it will be derated to 180 horsepower at a reduced 2,550 rpm, resulting in quieter operation.

"Our engineering team has worked diligently to move the IO-360-AF from opportunity to reality," said Rhett Ross, director of Continental Motors Group. "We are very excited to have it certified, meeting the needs of our customers. The IO-360-AF is a nice addition to our fuels capabilities and further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to advancing technology."

The UL91 fuel is a colorless avgas in use in several countries, mainly for running in Rotax's family of UL aircraft engines.

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