Cessna Raises Price of Skycatcher

Cessna Skycatcher

Cessna late last week told Flying that it would raise the price of its popular light-sport Model 162 Skycatcher substantially to reflect the actual costs of producing the airplane. The former price of $114,000 will increase at the New Year to $149,900. The big increase is somewhat deceiving, though, as the airplane will come standard with several former avionics and other options that most buyers were selecting and that previously would have increased the price to $130,000.

The increase, Cessna's VP of communications Dianne White told us, was due to the company wanting to make the production of the Skycatcher “sustainable,” which the new price would do, she said. White added that the revised price is consistent with the prices of the Skycatcher’s main competitors.

When they made their deposits, White said, Skycatcher customers did not lock in a price with their $5,000, nor did they lock in a position. Those customers will be able to hold their place in line but at the new price not the old. Any deposit holders who weren't happy with the increase, White told us, would be able to cancel the order and receive a refund.


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