Vickers Wave LSA Emerges

Vickers Wave

Another sleek-looking light sport amphibian has surfaced, this time from a New Zealand company called Vickers Aircraft. With a look suspiciously close to that of the California-bred Icon A5, the Vickers Wave would be powered by a Lycoming IO-360 engine, feature folding wings and BRS parachute and even be available with optional bow thrusters for improved maneuverability on the water.

So far the company has revealed only a conceptual rendering and a website that lacks detailed information. There is no word on pricing, but the company reportedly is close to flying a prototype and hopes to bring a flying example of the Wave to next summer’s EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Besides the Icon A5, which could begin reaching buyers in time for Oshkosh 2014 if all goes well with flight testing, and the SeaRey, other sport amphibs planned to hit the market in the coming years include the Lisa Airplanes Akoya, the electric-powered Equator Excursion and the Dornier S-Ray 007.

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