All-Electric Sun Flyer Prototype Reaches Assembly

What's being billed as a practical, all-electric airplane designed for aviation flight training markets reached its final assembly fit check in early November. Following avionics integration and a paint job, the aircraft will be transported to Centennial Airport for the construction of its electric power plant.

Comprehensive pilot training systems through Redbird Flight Simulations are in the works as the Sun Flyer nears assembly.

"AEAC's Sun Flyer will create an efficient training aircraft viable economically both for flight schools and their students," said Shari Goodstein Rossi, chairwoman and CFO of Eagle Air. Eagle Air recently signed a deposit agreement with AEAC for early delivery of five two-seat Sun Flyers.

Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. (AEAC) expects the prototype to be delivered and start flying early next year.


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