Video: Near Collision at Barcelona Airport

Talk about a close encounter. The crew of a UTair Boeing 767-300 preparing to land on Runway 02 at Barcelona-El Prat Airport on Saturday got a big surprise just a few moments before touchdown when an Airbus A340 taxied across the runway, directly intersecting the 767’s landing path.

The Aerolíneas Argentinas A340 was headed for the hold-short point of Runway 25R in preparation for takeoff at the time of the incident. As the A340 crossed the runway, the 767 crew pushed the throttles forward for a last-second go-around. The airplane, which was en route from Moscow, circled back and landed on Runway 02 without further incident.

It is not yet clear what events led up to the dangerous traffic episode, but authorities are investigating the incident.

The close call was captured by avid airplane videographer Miguel Angel Ramirez, who reportedly described witnessing the event as “one of the worst experiences I have ever had.”

The incident comes just two days after another traffic mishap near Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport in which a 777 came within 200 feet of an A320 near Thursday evening.

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