First Cessna Citation CJ3+ Rolls Out

** Cessna Citation CJ3+**

Two months after announcing the Citation CJ3+, Cessna yesterday celebrated the rollout of the first test airplane at its headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. The newest Citation twinjet, launched on March 20, is expected to receive FAA certification in the second half of the year, Cessna says.

The CJ3+ will feature an upgraded Garmin G3000 flight deck and incorporation of the new Citation cabin features. With a max range of 2,070 nautical miles, the CJ3+ will be able to fly nonstop from Washington, D.C., to Mexico City; from San Diego to Juneau, Alaska; or from Lima, Peru, to São Paulo, Brazil. The single-pilot CJ3+ has can seat nine passengers.

Cessna noted the Citation CJ3+ will come equipped with a wireless media server, all-new cabin layout and will be fully ADS-B compliant. Price for the CJ3+ has not been announced. The original CJ3, which Cessna no longer offers, was priced at around $8.3 million.

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