Fire Suppression System Wiring Flaw Latest Boeing 787 Woe

Boeing’s run of dismal press relating to the 787 Dreamliner continued this week with a report out of Japan that the fire suppression system on the advanced jet could improperly discharge fire suppressant to the wrong engine in the event of a fire.

Japan’s All Nippon Airways said it discovered a wiring fault that would trigger the wrong fire extinguisher if a fire was detected in one of the two engines. Boeing said it is investigating the issue.

The ANA 787 returned to service in June after Boeing was forced to ground the worldwide Dreamliner fleet because of lithium ion battery fires earlier this year. A fire last month in an Ethiopian Airline Boeing 787 in London traced to the emergency locator transmitter is under investigation.

ANA said an inspection of its fleet of 19 Dreamliners revealed wiring faults in two more 787s.

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