Cessna Rolls Out First Production Citation M2

** Citation M2**

Cessna has rolled out the first production Citation M2, the successor to the entry-level Citation CJ1+, designed expressly to be the step-up model for owner-pilots of the Mustang. Like the Mustang, M2 has Garmin avionics, but in this case they are not G1000 but the cutting-edge G3000, designed for light jets.

The new 400-knot jet will be manufactured in Independence, Kansas, where the Mustang is built. For now most of its large components are being built in Wichita, but over time the team at Independence, where singles are built as well, will build even the larger assemblies.

Flying visited the factory in Independence last week and got to witness the manufacturing team working M2s down the line — there are currently more than half a dozen in production. Cessna expects certification later this year.

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