Cessna Launches Citation Latitude

** Cessna’s new Citation Latitude features
G5000 avionics and Pratt & Whitney
PW306D engines.**

On the first day of the NBAA convention, Cessna launched a new light midsize airplane, the Citation Latitude, which will sell for around $15 million. The airplane will feature an all new all-metal stand-up cabin fuselage, a wing nearly identical to the Citation Sovereign midsize jet and the Garmin G5000 integrated avionics suite.

Cessna announced the airplane to reporters two weeks ago but embargoed the release of the information until this morning, when it made the public launch of the airplane at the convention.

The Latitude is powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney PW306D engines that will power it to a projected speed of just over 440 knots. The projected range of 2,000 miles will offer solid regional-plus range, and the 77-inch wide, 6-foot-tall flat-floor cabin will give it the best interior in Cessna’s lineup.

The inclusion of the G5000 avionics package makes the Latitude the fourth Cessna jet to get Garmin avionics; it joins the Citation Ten, the recently announced M2 entry-level jet and the Mustang with Brand G. The suite in the Latitude will consist of a pair of PFDs, a centrally mounted MFD, two touch screen controllers located just below the MFD and a pair of outboard touchscreen controllers designed primarly for PFD control.

Cessna expects certification and first deliveries of its newest jet in 2015.


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