Video: Two-seat Volocopter Completes First Flight

Aircraft takes another step toward success.

E-volo, the developer of a series of new concept helicopter derivatives the company calls volocopters, has achieved an important milestone, successfully launching its first commercially viable two-seat version, the VC200. The maiden flight occurred on November 17 inside the Dm-arena in Karlsruhe, Germany. The VC200 was remotely controlled and its 18 electrically powered rotors had no trouble lifting the aircraft off the ground. According to an E-volo press release the initial flight test “exceeded all expectations.”

The aircraft made several smooth takeoffs and landings and climbed close to the building’s 72-foot ceiling. E-volo said the lightweight carbon design of the VC200 had not allowed for any realistic simulations. The team was particularly impressed with the lack of vibration of the aircraft. ”The result of the first flight created a euphoria among the entire project team,” said E-volo managing director Stephan Wolf. It remains to be seen, however, whether the smooth flight characteristics will hold up in a real-life, unprotected environment.

Performance targets for the VC200 include a 54-knot cruise speed, 6,500-foot service ceiling and at least one hour of flight time.

Watch the first flight of the VC200 below.

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