Robinson Helicopters Introduces Two-Seat Cadet

New model designed for the training market.

Torrance, California-based Robinson Helicopters has announced a new two-seat version of the R44 named the Cadet. The design is targeted for the training market, though Robinson says the Cadet can be employed in a variety of missions.

The basic design parameters for the Cadet, such as the airframe, rotor system and Lycoming O-540-F1B5 power plant, remain identical to those of the Raven I. However, the engine power has been de-rated from a maximum of 225 hp for takeoff in the Raven I to 210 hp in the Cadet; and, with the rear seats removed, the maximum gross weight has been reduced by 200 lbs to 2,200 lbs. These power and weight reductions provide increased performance margins at higher altitudes, Robinson says.

The Cadet also has a redesigned muffler, which has resulted in a reduction in the flyover noise level by more than three decibels compared with the previous model, a modification that will be appreciated in the highly populated areas where helicopters are often operating.

Like previous Robinson helicopter models, the Cadet will have several avionics options for VFR and IFR operations, as well as options for air conditioning, autopilot and more.

While Robinson has not yet released a price point for the Cadet, the company says the new R44 will be less expensive than the Raven I, which starts at $375,000.


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