Abingdon Co. Launches Watch Series Honoring Female Aviators

The watchmaker is collaborating with the National WASP WWII Museum to pay tribute to the barrier-breaking female pilots.

Abingdon Co. is collaborating with the National WASP WWII Museum to pay tribute to the barrier-breaking female pilots. [Courtesy: Abingdon Co.]

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Plane & Pilot.

It can be a challenge to find a watch designed for female aviators specifically. Aviation watches can be large for female wrists and aesthetically unappealing for women’s sensibilities. Abingdon Co. was founded by Abingdon Mullin to help fill this market niche for timepieces. 

The company has launched a new watch series, Legends, created to pay homage to women aviators who have broken barriers throughout history. To kick off the series, Abingdon Co. has created a small batch of commemorative watches in collaboration with the National WASP WWII Museum to honor the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), who flew military planes to transport and test them, trained male pilots, and towed targets for live ammunition practice. 

According to the company’s release, only 1,102 watches will be created, in honor of the 1,102 WASP who served during WWII, as a tribute to those aviators. The limited-edition watches come in two color options, silver and two-tone, include a brown leather band, and start at $775.

The watch face features the official WASP wings insignia, and the words "WASP - Women Airforce Service Pilots" are engraved on the back. The number 38 is placed on the dial in memory of the 38 WASP who died in service. The watch has four hands, can track three time zones, and has a date function. 

Mullin, a pilot and founder and CEO of Abingdon Co. said in the release, "This watch is more than just a symbol of gratitude and respect. It is a reminder of the importance of breaking down barriers and fighting for what is right. The WASP were pioneers in their field, and they paved the way for generations of women to pursue careers in aviation and other male-dominated industries."

In addition to selling the limited-edition watches, Abingdon Co. will gift 14 watches to the remaining 14 WASP who live across the U.S. The brand says it will also expand the WASP collection to include a gun metal watch, offered in a special collectors box in August.

Lisa Taylor, executive director of the National WASP WWII Museum, said, "What an honor for the WASP to be first in Abingdon's Legends Collection. First-class pilots memorialized on a world-class watch. This timeless piece will bring joy as it keeps my heroes and mentors, the WASP, ever on my mind. I've always wanted an Abingdon, and today is the day."

Amy Wilder is managing editor for Plane & Pilot magazine. She fell in love with airplanes at age 8 when her brother-in-law took her up in a Cessna 172. Pretty soon, Amy's bedroom walls were covered with images of vintage airplanes and she was convinced she'd be a bush pilot in Alaska one day. She became a journalist instead, which is also somewhat impractical—but with fewer bears. Now she's working on her private pilot certificate and ready to be a lifelong student of the art of flying.

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