X41 Edition 6: High-Flying Watchmaking, from CODE41

The X41 Edition 6, built from AeroCarbon, is a perfectly balanced watch from CODE41.

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A fine watchmaking piece at the cutting edge of technology, with exceptional value for money; that’s the promise behind the X41, a timepiece the likes of which is rarely seen in the current watch market. Pilots will appreciate the technical engineering that drives this groundbreaking watch, built by CODE41, a young Swiss watch brand. You can pre-order the sixth edition of the X41 now, long awaited by many of its members!

X41: a manufacture movement, exclusive to CODE41

Does the name CODE41 sound familiar? Not surprising: this Lausanne-based brand has made a name for itself in the watchmaking world with its non-conformist approach based on transparency, accessibility and the participation of its community in the development of its watches.

The X41 is the perfect example of this commitment by CODE41, who strives to offer an authentic Fine Watchmaking piece at an affordable price. Originally launched in March 2019, this self-winding watch is currently in its sixth edition. Priced from $6,045, significantly less than the competition, this watch proves it offers the same quality and features as others in its class. Starting with the design and architecture, drawn up exclusively for the CODE41 community, this watch is made up of 297 components and includes 33 jewels.

Produced and assembled by hand in Switzerland, with the sole exception of the balance wheel, means that 90% of the value of an X41 comes from Switzerland; a great score considering the majority of watches certified Swiss Made barely reach 60%.

[Courtesy: CODE41]

The peripheral oscillating weight, an impressive technical achievement

Technically perfect, the main feature of the X41 is the peripheral oscillating weight. The oscillating weight is the mechanism that allows automatic watches to be wound via movements of the wrist. The drawback in standard models is that they tend to conceal the mechanism, thus increasing the thickness of the movement.

Here, CODE41’s partner factory has managed to develop a peripheral version, thus reducing the thickness of the movement and providing a more transparent view of the mechanism. An enormous challenge on a technical level, with few brands able to master such an engineering complication.

AeroCarbon and Grade 5 Titanium: between resistance and lightness

[Courtesy, CODE41]

In order to reinforce the raw, technical side of the watch, CODE41 has chosen two high-tech materials for its case: AeroCarbon and grade 5 titanium.

The grade 5 titanium version is one of the developments from the fifth edition; this multifaceted material was the replacement for the grade 2 previously used for titanium cases. It is not only two times lighter and harder than steel, but it also offers greater resistance to scratching and allows for more detailed finishes.

More expensive, but also more technical, AeroCarbon is a high-density material used in aeronautics. Produced exclusively on demand, it’s comprised of blocks made from 300 layers, each placed at 90º to the previous and then compacted under 10 bars of pressure in an autoclave oven.

The main benefits? It’s extremely light, 2.5 more resistant than steel, and boasts excellent watertightness without the need for a titanium chamber.

Other technical characteristics

Watertightness: the X41’s case can endure immersion up to 100 meters (in calm water), making it ideal for adventurers.

Precise: -2/+10 seconds per day,

Reliable: includes a power reserve of 45 hours.

Also of note is the Grande Date display at 12 o’clock; this complication was added following numerous requests from the CODE41 community.

Finally, the sapphire crystal on the front and back of the watch is treated with an antireflective coating and has a nighttime display made possible by the Luminova technology on the hands.

Tempted by the idea of purchasing an X41? Edition 6 is available for pre-order now at https://code41watches.com/!


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