Watch Jetman Fly in Formation with French Aerobatic Team

An aviator flies alongside the Patrouille de France using the jet wing created by Yves Rossy. Airborne Films

For Yves Rossy, flying with nothing but a rigid carbon-fiber wing with four jet engines strapped to his back must not have been exciting enough. For his latest stunt, the Swiss pilot also known as Jetman flew alongside the French Air Force’s precision aerobatic team — and he brought along a couple of friends.

Rossy, along with extreme skydivers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen, flew a beautifully choreographed formation flight with eight Patrouille de France (PAF) Dassault Alpha Jets.

The flight was filmed by France-based Airborne Films using 30 cameras, with co-CEO Eric Magnan filming above from an inverted Extra 330.

The formation was held at a speed of 145 knots, Magnan said, with jetmen sometimes flying just 15 feet away from the PAF’s airplanes.

The formation flight was filmed over southern France using 30 cameras. Airborne Films

The Alpha Jets took off from a French Air Force base in Salon-de Provence for the shoot. The jetmen were dropped from helicopters, which took off at a separate location, before joining the Alpha Jet formation.

Magnan, whose company specializes in aerial cinematography, said the video was shot during four separate flights, with up to 16 aircraft in the air at a time.

Check out the stunning footage of the formation flight below.


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