FLYING’s First Virtual Event: The Videos

FLYING’s first virtual event, “What’s Next In General Aviation: A Virtual Event Presented by FlightSafety” was held on October 27, 2021. It featured more than 20 of the aviation industry’s brightest minds sharing their thoughts on what it an unprecedented time in the aviation space.

If you missed it, we’ve got you covered with all of the interviews from this wonderful event.

Keynote: How STOL Drag Inspires New and Active Pilots

Kevin Quinn, one of the original Flying Cowboys and Founder of the High Sierra Fly-In speaks to the growing popularity of STOL competitive and how the Flying Cowboys are working to grow aviation by expanding their popular series.

Fireside Chat: A New Tool for Highly Engaged Pilots is Coming Soon

Josh Harnagel, VP of Marketing for Redbird, talks about his company’s new app that gamifies the process of staying proficient. Also, how will sims contribute to the coming eVTOL era?

Fireside Chat: Just Aircraft Was STOL Before STOL Was Cool

Gary Schmitt, Co-Owner of Just Aircraft, is amused by the rise in popularity of STOL aircraft. He’s been excited about STOL since 2002 when he co-founded Just Aircraft with Tory Woodland. The company ships its kits around the world from a facility in South Carolina.

Fireside Chat: Adventure Flying and What The Future Means to Icon

FLYING CEO Craig Fuller sits down with Chris Buchholz, Vice President, International for Icon.

Fireside Chat: The Latest on Van’s Next Aircraft: The RV-15

Van’s Aircraft CEO Greg Hughes updates us on the next-gen aircraft for this iconic manufacturer. He’ll also share a few metrics and tell us how Van’s has become such a beloved brand.

Fireside Chat: Dynon Avionics for Everyone: Experimental and Type-Certificated

Director of Marketing for Dynon Michael Schofield sits down with FLYING Staff Reporter Thom Patterson to look at the company’s journey from providing avionics for homebuilt and light sport aircraft to offering avionics for nearly 600 type certified airplanes.

Fireside Chat: Pipistrel’s Vision for Future Flight

COO and Co-Founder of Right Rudder Aviation Andrew Chan talks about how his company is meeting challenges of an evolving global environment and how Pipistrel is designing aircraft that raise the bar.

Fireside Chat: The Man Behind The Unique Aircam Experimental

AirCam President Phil Lockwood shares stories behind the development and success of his unique, open cockpit, twin-engine design.

Fireside Chat: eVTOL, Promise of Pipedream?

FLYING CEO Craig Fuller sits down with Aspen Avionics CEO John Uczekaj.

Fireside Chat: Diamond Aircraft’s Next Big Step

Diamond Aircraft’s Head of Sales and Marketing Annemarie Mercedes Heikenwalder talks about her company’s plans to develop an electric, single-engine trainer. She’ll also discuss the timeline for the DA50RG, the first single-engine retractable in years.

Fireside Chat: Aviation’s Electric Future: Production Update on eFlyer2

FLYING Staff Reporter Thom Patterson sits down with the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Bye Aerospace, George Bye.

Fireside Chat: Powering Electric Airplanes

FLYING CEO Craig Fuller shares some time with magniX CEO Roei Ganzarski.

Fireside Chat: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve the GA Experience

Avidyne is entering the world of AI as the company partners with Daedalean to develop its new PilotEte product. Avidyne Founder, CEO, and President Dan Schwinn explains how it works and what may be ahead in eVTOL aircraft.

Fireside Chat: Using Actual Flight Data as a Training Tool

Executive Vice President, Safety and Regulatory Compliance for FlightSafety International, D. Richard Meikle, explains how his company is partnering with GE to create an unprecedented flight training program.

Fireside Chat: Inspired Innovation: Epic’s E1000 GX

Epic Aircraft CEO Doug King shares the secret behind Epic’s award-winning E1000 GX, a single-engine, carbon-fiber turboprop.

Fireside Chat: Market Outlook for Trainers and Cabin Class Turboprops

Piper Aircraft’s VP of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support, Ron Gunnarson, gives us the scoop of the Piper M600/SLS Halo and a new addition to Piper’s trainer class.

Fireside Chat: The Story Behind Garmin’s Autoland and Smart Glide

Garmin Aviation’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Philip Straub, shares the story of Garmin’s Collier Trophy and FLYING Innovation Award-winning Autoland pilot safety suite.

Fireside Chat: Own a HondaJet Without the Hassle

FLYING CEO Craig Fuller sits down with Jet It Founder and CEO Glenn Gonzales.

Fireside Chat: An Easier Way to Co-Own an Aircraft

FLYING Staff Reporter Thom Patterson sits down with Partners in Aviation President Mark Molloy.

Fireside Chat: Honeywell’s Anthem Connects to the Cloud and Across Platforms

FLYING Editor-in-Chief Julie Boatman talks with Honeywell Vice President and GM of Avionics Vipul Gupta to talk about Honeywell’s newest flight deck.

Fireside Chat: Putting the Customer First

FLYING CEO Craig Fuller talks with the President of Customer Experience for Cirrus Aircraft, Todd Simmons.

Fireside Chat: SAF: A Key to Unlocking a Sustainable Future

Two of GA’s largest companies and service providers are working together to bring sustainable aviation fuel to the market. JSSI’s Chairman Emeritus and Special Advisor Louis Seno updates us on the progress.

Fireside Chat: Gulfstream: Redefining 21st Century Business Aviation

FLYING CEO Craig Fuller chats with Gulfstream Aerospace President Mark Burns about his company’s new G700 ultralong-range jet.

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