Virtual Event: Cirrus Focuses On Customer Experience

This fireside chat recap is from FLYING’s “What’s Next in General Aviation” Virtual Event on Wednesday.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Cirrus Aircraft is constantly refining its approach to the customer experience. We’ll learn the different ways Cirrus is expanding that customer experience across the country and drilling deep into what’s next for the pilot and owner experience.

DETAILS: FLYING CEO Craig Fuller talks with the president of customer experience for Cirrus Aircraft, Todd Simmons.

SPEAKER: Simmons is president of customer experience at Cirrus Aircraft.

BIO: Simmons is responsible for leading all customer experience activities at Cirrus Aircraft, including sales, marketing, personalization, delivery, service and support, flight training, flight operations, and the opening of the Vision Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Simmons joined Cirrus in early 2008 as vice president of marketing, and during his tenure, he has led a number of innovative growth initiatives aimed at both the current owner community and penetration into new segments. Despite recent challenging economic conditions, the SR22 has continued to be the best-selling aircraft in its class and worldwide market share has reached an all-time high.


“We’re very much focused on sustainability. I appreciate that that concept is making its way into general aviation in North America. Quite frankly, it’s stronger outside of North America. The primary way that we’re seeing that, to be fair, is sustainable aviation fuels. We’ve flown the Vision Jet on [SAF], and we continue to recognize the efficiency of single-engine operations and, if you will, the carbon footprint of that versus twin-engine—and similar performance but sustainability. We’re also partnering on avgas. We all know that that’s a factor out there that’s coming, and Cirrus is … focused on making sure that we have the right solution for all our owners and operators.”

“Getting connected ...whether it’s ground-based and then moving on to satellite-based Wi-Fi into the airplane—it’s actually fairly complex. It’s complex in terms of antennas on the airplane. It’s complex in terms of hardware on the airplane. And, in our case, we’ve got a relatively small airframe compared to so many that are larger. But we’re solving that. We’re cracking that nut at Cirrus. … Once we’re connected, it not only enhances the onboard experience for not just pilots but passengers alike. And it really enhances the ownership experience.”

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