Video: Czech Pilot Completes Coffee Run to Prague in Road-Certified ‘Flying Car’

The race to bring flying cars into our lives has heated up in recent months, as Airbus wowed the aviation wolrd with its Pop.Up and Dutch developer PAL-V aims to begin delivery of its Liberty by the end of 2018. Ever the Shangri-La for technological trail blazing, Dubai is even promising a fleet of single-passenger flying taxis as soon as July. But people in Prague recently got an up close and personal look at Pavel Březina's own flying car when he stopped in for a cup of coffee.

On his Facebook page, the Czech pilot and product manager at AGN Systems admitted that he "caused a stir" when he drove his modified AutoGyro Cavalon, dubbed the Gyrodrive, through the Czech capital. In one post, he even recalls an encounter with a local police officer who stared in disbelief at the unusual vehicle, before the pilot offered proof that his Gyrodrive is road-certified.

The Gyrodrive's coffee run is a dream come true for Březina, as he shared on Facebook shortly after his trip:

Among the modifications necessary to receive the special mechanical vehicle designation and registration, the Gyrodrive reportedly needed new lights, a license plate holder, mirrors, and a horn or warning triangle. Březina also needed his pilot's license and a category B driver's license.

Powered by a Rotax motor, the Gyrodrive has a maximum speed of approximately 180 km/h. On the ground, the gyrocopter tops out at 40 km/h, powered by an additional electric motor that drives the front tire.

The Gyrodrive is set to make an appearance at Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany next week. Březina says he would eventually like to use his flying car to take his family to London.


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