Uber Elevate’s Eric Allison to Keynote NBAA Convention

Consumers may soon summon a ride with an Uber-like smartphone app.

Eric Allison will deliver a talk on opening day of the NBAA convention in Orlando, October 16. He'll address the developing industry for electrically powered vertical takeoff and landing aircraft on. Allison is Head of Aviation Programs at Uber and leads the Elevate initiative that's reimagining aerial urban transportation. Allison previously spent eight years at Zee Aero leading the development of the Cora vehicle, a two-place self-piloted air taxi.

“The development of eVTOL aircraft holds significant promise for a wide variety of business aviation applications and the potential to transform on-demand aerial transportation,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.

Allison joined Uber earlier this year to spearhead development of a real-time, on-demand, global network of “aerial ridesharing vehicles through partnerships with eVTOL manufacturers, as well as real estate and technology developers. uberAir hopes to allow consumers the opportunity to request a flight with the push of a button.