Flying Challenge Cup Ramps Up for Finals

With only one month left to compete in the finals for the Flying Challenge Cup stick-and-rudder skills competition in Redbird's full-motion flight simulators, both pilots and non-pilots are giving it their all for that free ticket to Oshkosh 2014. And it's still anyone's game.

Since its launch at Sun 'n Fun this year, the numbers have only continued to climb. Participants have so far logged over 4,500 flights with an average of 50 flights per day. Redbird Flight Simulations predicts that will increase to over 7,500 flights by finals in July. Over 1,400 people have completed registration for the Flying Challenge Cup — that's an estimated 749 pilots, 204 student pilots and 500 non-pilots.

The Redbird simulator challenges are being flown in 32 states, as well as Canada and Australia, and in a number of flight schools that have incorporated the challenges in their training programs.

As it stands, the top score worldwide in Steep Turns is held by a student pilot, while top scores in Precision, Landings and Lazy 8s (and the three events combined) are held by rated pilots. The top non-pilot scores are only about two to five percent behind. However, with the scores in the top 10 (in any category) having a spread of less than five percent, it's going to be a close match at the Oshkosh finals.

The big showdown will take place on the main stage in Phillips 66 Square on Wednesday, July 30, starting at 9 a.m. Flying editor-in-Chief Robert Goyer will host the event at AirVenture and aerobatics star Michael Goulian will MC the competition.

For more information, visit the **Flying Challenge Cup website **or watch the video below.

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