This 2022 Tecnam P2006T Is a Unique Very Light Twin and an ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Conceived in part as a personal twin, the Tecnam P2006T is also well suited for multiengine flight training.

It is easy to imagine your family riding comfortably in the Tecnam P2006T’s roomy cabin. [Courtesy: URVA Aviation LLC]

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The Tecnam P2006T has carved out its own category as a very light twin that operates very much like a light single. Even its four-place cabin and 200 hp rating sound like the description of a single, however, in the Tecnam’s case the thrust is divided between two 100 hp Rotax engines. The aircraft does not possess the classic excess of power that many larger traditional twins, such as Cessna 310s and Beechcraft Baron 58s, enjoy.

While not a particularly brawny twin, the P2006T can climb with one engine shut down and offers pilots more options for flying at night and over water and  other inhospitable terrain. The design is also known for a spacious, comfortable cabin that works well for a traveling family. For flight schools, the Tecnam’s low fuel consumption and stability make it a good multiengine trainer.

This 2022 Tecnam P2006T has 103 hours on the airframe and 102 hours on its two Rotax 912 engines and two-blade, variable-pitch propellers since new. The panel includes s Garmin G1000 Nxi, dual GIA 64 WAAS nav/com/GPS, GMA1360 digital audio system, S-Tec 55 autopilot with electric trim, dual, GEA 71B engine and airframe unit, and GTX345R mode S transponder for ADS-B In and Out.

Pilots looking for a light, reliable, and economical four-plane traveling aircraft with the redundancy of two engines should consider this 2022 Tecnam P2006T, which is available for $709,000 on AircraftForSale.

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