This 1979 Cessna P210N Centurion Is a Family-Friendly ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Pressurization turns the powerful Cessna 210 into a serious high-altitude traveler.

1979 Cessna P210N Centurion [Courtesy: Gary Clark]

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Cessna’s 210 Centurion has a well-earned reputation as a fast and flexible personal transport machine. It can carry heavier loads than many competing piston singles and maintains the short-field performance for which the Cessna high-wing family of designs is known. A wide, roomy cabin has long been among its selling points. Adding the comfort of pressurization allows pilots to give their passengers more of an airline experience when traveling at higher altitudes while taking advantage of smooth air and favorable winds.

The Centurion for sale here is considered the top of the line among Cessna singles because it has the high-altitude performance and accommodations that match many larger twin-engine models. It makes an ideal family airplane because its ability to fly high without the need for supplemental oxygen means passengers can enjoy the convenience of not having to wear oxygen cannulas in addition to the impressive transit speeds. Pilots will enjoy the airplane’s forgiving flight characteristics and stability, especially when flying IFR.

This 210N has 5,073 hours on the airframe, 324 hours since overhaul on its 310 hp Continental TSIO-520 engine, and 324 hours since new on the Hartzell propeller. The aircraft is equipped with GAMI injectors, Turboplus intercooler, pressurized magnetos, and auxiliary vacuum pump.

The panel includes an Aspen EFD-1000 Pro PFD EFIS system and EFD-1000 MFD, Aspen synthetic vision, 400B Navomatic autopilot, backup HSI with ILS and glideslope, backup altimeter, backup transponder, backup GPS-396, GME 347 audio panel, GNS 430W GPS/Nav/Com, Garmin SL 30 Nav/Com, GTX 330 transponder, ADS-B In and Out and an EDM-700 engine monitor.

Pilots who want to step up to pressurized comfort and flexibility when traveling in the flight levels should consider this 1979 Cessna P210N, which is available for $234,000 on AircraftForSale.

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