Taking Off in Public: Streaming TV and B2B to Come

Craig Fuller says starting in January, FLYING will broadcast a daily show each morning that will cover aviation news and special interest topics.

FLYING CEO Craig Fuller was one of the hosts of the company’s first virtual event this week. He tells us there’s much more to come. FLYING

Editor’s Note: “Taking Off in Public” is a new digital series written by Craig Fuller, the new owner of FLYING. In this series, Fuller will provide insight into his plans for Flying and a first-hand look at how Flying is being built for the next generation.

This week, FLYING had the opportunity to host the first virtual streaming conference in our history. We brought together industry professionals, innovators, thought leaders, and executives to talk about what the future holds for general aviation. We featured topics ranging from STOL drag, eVTOL kitplanes, personal aircraft, and corporate jets. If you missed any of the talks, you can find them on demand here.

We received a lot of feedback from the audience and participants, most notably about the quality of production. The streaming model that FLYING used for virtual events is one the team at FreightWaves has perfected. It is intended to operate like a streaming cable TV network on the day of the event. In fact, with the infrastructure that is required to put on a broadcast-level event being so significant, it only makes sense to create an actual streaming broadcast network. FreightWaves typically sees about 35,000 people a day that tune into watch streaming supply-chain and logistics content.

The FLYING event that we put on was a test run of sorts for a broader FLYING broadcast network. Starting in January, FLYING will broadcast a daily show each morning that will cover aviation news and special interest topics. The content will be broad, but focused from an aviator perspective. It will be broadcast quality and available on major streaming platforms like Apple TV, Roku, web, and mobile. The content will be available on-demand and accessible through podcasts.

Our hope is that this one daily show enables us to create an entire streaming TV network covering all aspects of aerospace, with a range expanding between general aviation, business aviation, military, commercial, and even space commercialization.

We also are planning to expand into B2B coverage with our newest brand, FLYING Business. FLYING Business will deeply cover business topics in the aerospace industry, but always with a perspective that is aviator first. We are looking for a B2B editor. If you have business news editorial experience, reach out to discuss opportunities.

Interested in connecting with me? You can find me on Twitter @freightalley

A pilot for more than three decades, Craig Fuller is owner and CEO of FLYING parent company Firecrown Media.

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