Taking Off in Public: Another Writer Wanted

Flying is looking to hire an aviation real estate journalist. Get the details here.

Flying is aggressively growing our staff. In the past few weeks, we have tripled the size of the team, with most of the growth being on the content and editorial team.

Nothing is more important to the Flying community than high quality and engaging content. By watching the traffic on the site, we have a clear sense for areas that we could add additional editorial coverage.

One of the articles that’s received a lot of traffic and attention is in the area of aviation real estate: hangars, airports, airparks, and fly-in communities.

After all, after their homes, most aircraft owners consider their airplanes their most valuable possessions. Finding your airplane a home that protects it from the elements, mischief, and damage is a top priority on every owner’s mind.

It also helps if the airplane is kept in a spot that’s beautiful and rewarding to fly into.

Pilots want to feel that they belong to a bigger community. Determining at which airport they’ll keep their airplane is often about how they are treated—welcomed (or not) and the relationships that develop along the way.

In keeping with this theme, Flying is looking for a full-time real-estate reporter.

If you have experience in the real estate business, and you’re also a pilot with writing credentials, we encourage you to apply for this role. You’ll cover topics related to real estate that are relevant to the general aviation industry.

If you’re interested, apply here.


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