New York City Council Seeks To Ban Certain Helicopters

Proposed legislation would make city-owned heliports off-limits to tourist choppers.
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Plagued By Lawsuits, East Hampton Moves To Close Airport

The court battle has blocked the town’s plan to change the airport to a private-use operation.
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Trying to See Both Sides in East Hampton

While the town and other interest groups battle in court, others push for the permanent shutdown of East Hampton Airport.
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New York State Supreme Court Keeps East Hampton Airport Public, for Now

The town of East Hampton’s plan to change its airport to a private-use facility is on hold.
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FAA Approves Plan to Switch East Hampton Airport to Private Use

The town of East Hampton has tried for years to limit airport activity in light of noise complaints.
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FAA Raises Doubts Over Changing East Hampton Airport to Private Use

Town board voted to close the airport and reopen with rules to cut noise.
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East Hampton Airport Set to Change to Private Use

Recent expiration of FAA grant assurances gives town more control over restricting airport use, curbing noise.
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