SkyNext: Pedego Latch Foldable Electric Bike

This easily transportable bike is perfect for pilots on the move.

Pedego’s Latch foldable electric bike accelerates smoothly when power is applied through a twist throttle on the handlebars. It’s easy to ride and powerful enough to get up hills. Without muscle assistance, the Latch will travel about 15 mph on flat ground. At 50 pounds, it’s not light, but the chargeable lithium battery slides out for easier loading and unloading. The bike takes about 90 seconds to fold or unfold and adjusts to fit riders of different sizes. Folded up, the Latch is easy to load into a Cessna 206 or Beechcraft Bonanza. However, it is too big to fit through a smaller cargo door, such as on a Cessna 172 or Mooney M20-series airplane. On, the price ranges from $2,595 to $2,895, depending on the battery selection. The more powerful battery allows for around a 50-mile range or more if you add some muscle power.

Pedego Latch
The 50-pound Latch takes about 90 seconds to fold or unfold. Pedego

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