Signature Flight Support Publishes Piston Aircraft Fees

Turbine aircraft fees may be posted in the future. Signature Flight Support

Signature Flight Support has published most of its fees for piston airplanes on its website, according to AOPA. Signature, much like other chains of fixed-based operations, has been reluctant to post fees due to competitive concerns preferring pilots call each facility directly for information. "This is a step in the right direction," said AOPA President Mark Baker.

Only fees for piston engine aircraft are posted and can be found under "Fuel and Service Rates" on Signature's website. Pricing is not posted for all airports. Signature may later post fees for turbine aircraft. "Signature has and continues to invest heavily in IT infrastructure which will naturally lead to [publication] of turbine fees," Patrick Sniffen, Signature's vice president of marketing said. Pilots operating piston aircraft will still need to call individual FBOs to research the other fees such as parking or security.

"And, we're going to keep after the FAA to exercise its oversight of airport owners that accept federal grants. They have a responsibility to assure that the businesses on those fields offer fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory pricing," Baker said. Flying has been following the FBO pricing debate since it began.


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