Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion Gets Ready for Cessna CJ1+ and CJ2+

Light bizjet owners can take advantage of advanced touchscreen flight deck.

Cessna's Citation CJ1+ and CJ2+ can soon be upgraded with Rockwell Collins' touchscreens.Rockwell Collins

Owners of Cessna Citation CJ1+ and CJ2+ light business jets who are looking to update their instrument panels now have a new option with Rockwell Collins’ touchscreen Pro Line Fusion system. But the owners will have to wait for about a year. Rockwell Collins announced the upgrade program this week and expects the FAA to sign off on the STC toward the end of next year, right in time for the upcoming ADS-B mandate. The upgrade will be available at Textron Aviation’s service centers.

The certification program should be fairly straight forward as the upgrade has already been approved and proven in a larger family member — the Citation CJ3. About 30 CJ3s are currently flying with Pro Line Fusion and another 10 are waiting to have the system installed. “The CJ3 Fusion upgrade has been very popular and we’ve received considerable feedback from CJ1+ and CJ2+ operators that they are eagerly waiting their turn,” said Rockwell Collins’ vice president and general manager of business and regional systems, Christophe Blanc.

The Pro Line Fusion for the CJ1+ and CJ2+ features three 14.1-inch high-resolution user-configurable touchscreens with synthetic vision capabilities that include Rockwell Collins’ patented dome icons for airports, making them easy to spot on the screen. Extended runway centerlines also add to situational awareness. Relevant charts are automatically staged through the patented ChartLink feature, reducing the workload for the pilot. The system allows operators to fly radius-to-fix (RF) legs and approaches with vertical guidance, such as LPV approaches. While the Pro Line Fusion itself does not include ADS-B Out capability, Rockwell Collins has options available that are compatible with the system for ADS-B and SBAS capable GNSS.