Redbird Launches Unique Simulators

The latest units allow you to fly a seaplane or a Corsair.

Redbird Flight Simulations launched a couple of unique simulator products on display at the EAA AirVenture show grounds for the week.

The company introduced a seaplane trainer, specifically designed for Tropic Ocean Airways, which operates Cessna 208 Grand Caravans in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Florida, and the northeastern United States. The simulator is a modified CRV training device that provides full motion simulation of flight conditions in a Grand Caravan equipped with Wipaire’s amphibious floats. The trainer will enable the airline to provide training to its pilots at a much lower cost.

“Organizations such as Wipaire and Tropic Ocean have expanded the possibilities for floatplane operations, but innovation from the training community has lagged considerably behind,” said Redbird Flight Simulations’ president, Charlie Gregoire. “This device offers floatplane pilots and training programs access to affordable technology that accurately represents their modern amphibious aircraft.”

The simulator is equipped with Wipaire’s Laser Gear Advisory system, which alerts the pilot if the gear configuration doesn’t match the landing surface.

corsair sim airventure
For the sixth year in a row Redbird has a special simulator at AirVenture, this one allowing visitors to fly a Vaught F4U Corsair. Charlie Gregoire

“The CRV training device bridges the gap between Wipaire’s world-leading engineering and quality and the real-world of floatplane operations,” said Wipaire’s vice president of marketing and sales, Clint Clouatre. “This is an unequaled way for pilots to learn the safety features and operational procedures for Wipline float in a controlled, realistic environment.”

As is the tradition at AirVenture, the Austin, Texas-based company also announced a simulator designed more for the entertainment factor. Redbird teamed up with EAA Warbirds of America to produce a custom MX2 simulator based on the Vought F4U Corsair. The simulator honors Captain Thomas J. Hudner, a famous Naval aviator and medal-of-honor recipient, and is set up in Warbird Alley at Wittman Regional Airport for warbird lovers to play with. This is the sixth year Redbird has designed a simulator for AirVenture visitors and it is the third one representing a warbird.


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