Are You Ready for a Private Jet Trip Around the World?

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is just one of the exotic locations planned for this trip. Wikipedia Public Domain

Searching for just the right way to remember mom or dad this year? How about a trip to Japan, or China, or even Uzbekistan or maybe even a few more exotic places around the globe? National Geographic Expeditions in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal has organized a 24-day trip of a lifetime that launches from Seattle on May 15. “From the Gobi Desert to the Silk Road, rolling steppes to towering glaciers …” the team describes it. Around the world in 24 days might be enough to exhaust most travelers, but the two publications offer a private Boeing 757 and ultra-magnificent onboard service as part of the solution.

The trip includes National Geographic Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg, Wall Street Journal Editor at Large Gerard Baker and a number of other journalists and experts who will help guests explore the future of our planet at 10 extraordinary sites. The National Geographic invites guests to, “Experience the convergence of ancient traditions and modern advances with visits to secluded temples and cutting-edge research facilities, and meet local leaders pushing the fields of science and technology from Seoul to Helsinki. Witness firsthand the consequences of climate change on business, security, and everyday existence in the far north as you meet with local business owners or hike with reindeer herders. While exploring the world alongside archaeologists, artists, and entrepreneurs, gain unprecedented insight into the future of everything.”

The first leg whisks guests from Seattle to Hakone, Japan, then on to Seoul, South Korea, Shenzhen, China and then to Hong Kong. That’s followed on day 11 to Gobi, Mongolia and Samarqand Uzbekistan. By day 16-17, the airplane will be in Tallinn, Estonia then over to Helsinki and Lapland, Finland. Day 21 begins in Reykjavik, Iceland before the 757 brings the troop home to Boston on day 24.

Travel onboard a private Boeing 757 even includes its own chef. Courtesy Gainjet

Hotel accommodations include five-star luxury, while on board the Boeing 757 aircraft, normally outfitted to carry 233, guests will be treated to any of just 75 passenger seats in a customized 2x2 configuration. Comfortable VIP-style leather seating with adjustable leg and headrests include a 45-degree recline. The flight includes a seasoned and specially-trained flight crew, including three pilots, an expedition chef, a catering officer, multiple flight attendants, an engineer, a dedicated luggage handler and even a dedicated expedition physician who accompanies the group on the jet and on land.

Just be sure you have a high-limit credit card close by with when you order your seats at Double occupancy tickets begin at just $92,795 per person.

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